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theatre director & actor and educator
from 2020 Director of The Helena Modrzejewska National Stary Theatre in Kraków (Poland)


Ph.D. in theatre direction (2013)
visiting professor - Universidad Autonoma de Mexico (2012)
MA in directing - Alexander Zelwerowicz Theatre Academy in Warsaw (2011)
theatre direction internship - Russian Academy of Theatre Arts (GITIS) in Moscow (2009)
MA in acting - Ludwik Solski National Theatre School in Cracow (2006)
MA in management in culture - Jagiellonian University (2006)

theatre direction credits:

The night of ravens by Zygmunt Krauze and Malgorzata Sikorska-Miszczuk (2022) Royal Opera - Warsaw
Bunker, fake opera - music by Wojciech Blazejczyk (2021) Warsaw Autumn Festival - Warsaw
Birdy the opera - music by Karol Nepelski (2019) Tete a tete Festival - London, UK
Tragedy of Jan by Jacob Gawatowic (2018) Chorea Theatre - Lodz
Hamlet case study by Wyspianski/Grotowski/Shakespeare (2017) Chorea Theatre - Lodz
Lemonade on the basis of Stanislav Lem (2016) art_commited - Warsaw
Woman in the mirror by Piotr Domalewski (2016) Teatroteka TV theatre
The Tempest by Wiliam Shakespeare (2015) Bialystok Puppet Theatre - Bialystok
Othello by Wiliam Shakespeare (2015) Gombrowicz Theatre - Gdynia
Orlando Paladino by Joseph Haydn (2015) Academy of Fine Arts - Warsaw
Master and Margerita by Mikhail Bulgakov (2015) Collegium Nobilium Theatre - Warsaw
The Velvet Rabbit by Margery Wiliams (2014) Gulliver Theatre - Warsaw
Mad Joanna; the Queen by Jolanta Janiczak (2013) Gombrowicz Theatre - Gdynia
Incediens by Wajdi Mouawad (2014) Collegium Nobilium Theate - Warsaw
Bordel Formidable! Extravaganza by Eugene Ionesco/Zygmunt Krasinski (2013) Collegium Nobilium Theatre - Warsaw
Wet Weather Cover by Oliver Cotton (2013) Powszechny Theatre - Lodz
Sawdust and Tinsel by Ingmar Bergman (2012) Collegium Nobilium Theatre - Warsaw
They shoot horses, don't they by Horace McCoy (2011) Bytom Dance Dept Theatre - Bytom
Morphine by Elena & Mikhail Bulgakov (2011) Roma Musical Theatre - Warsaw
Scenario for 3 actors by Boguslav Schaeffer (2010) Gombrowicz Theatre - Gdynia
Vassa Zheleznova by Maxim Gorky (2010) Och Theatre - Warsaw
Idiot by Fyodor Dostoevsky (2009) Collegium Nobilium Theatre - Warsaw
Hamlet etude (2008) Shakespeare Festival - Gdansk
Solaris electronic opera by Stanislav Lem (2008) Malta Theatre Festival - Poznan
Vampire the musical by Vladyslav Reymont (2005) Ludwik Solski Theatre School - Cracow

movie acting credits - episodes in

Young Pilsudski (2019) by Jaroslaw Marszewski
Photographer (2014) by Waldemar Krzystek
80 milions (2011) by Waldemar Krzystek
Mniejsze zlo (2009) by Janusz Morgenstern
Little Moscow (2008) by Waldemar Krzystek
World War II: Stalin (2007) for BBC

theatre acting credits:

Boy in Richard III (2006) by Wiliam Shakespeare (dir. Jerzy Stuhr) - Ludowy Theatre - Cracow
Leopold in Vision of Mozart (2005) by Franzobel (dir. Roman Gancarczyk) - Ludwik Solski Theatre School - Cracow
Malvolio in The Twelfth Night (2005) by Wiliam Shakespeare (dir. Jerzy Stuhr) - Ludwik Solski Theatre School - Cracow
Adamus in The Green Goose (2004) by K. I. Galczynski (dir. Martha Stebnicka) - Ludwik Solski Theatre School - Cracow
Maciej Nowak Non-cabaret (2001) - Wybrzeze Theatre - Gdansk

academic work:

Waldman Professor of Theatre at Emerson College Boston, USA (2019)
Vice-rector of National Academy of Dramatic Arts in Warsaw (2016-2019)
Head of Acting in National Academy of Dramatic Arts in Warsaw (2014-2016)
acting teacher in Bytom Dance Dept (2011-2014; Ludwik Solski National Theatre School)
He gave masterclasses in USA (UCLA, Emerson College, University of Cincinnati), China (Beijing Academy of Drama), Germany (Ruhrtiennale Festival) France (Aria Corse) and UK (Drama Studio London).

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